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Played by: Daniela Sea

Occupation: Computer programmer

Family: The family, estranged from nearly entirely, resides in Wilmette, Illinoise. Moira's sister Maggie called to tell her that their mother died and suggests that Moira not attend the services. Other than Maggie, nobody else knows about Moira's transition until Max comes home for his mother's funeral, at which point, the entire situation explodes and causes an even bigger rift.

Personality Type: Normally quiet, introverted, shy, and a bit socially inept. When Max begins to transition and starts using testosterone, his personality changes drastically and he has very emotional and often violent outbursts, which Jenny gets the brunt of. This is because he was using testosterone at an incredibly high dose without knowing that.

L Word(s) That Best Describes Moira/Max: lovely, luscious, learned, legitimate, lion-hearted, loving, loyal, lonely, low, liberal, languid, listless

Signature look: Very boyish, broad-shouldered. As Moira, considered butch. As Max, manly, but with metrosexual style. Generally dressed in jeans and a tight t-shirt, casual business attire at work.

Endearing Trait(s): Absolutely striking eyes, strong, cares for others,honest, hard working.

Annoying Trait(s): Can be overly judgemental and aggressive at times. Constantly evolving identity which can be shocking or abrasive at times.

Strengths: Very hardworking and good at what he does. Pulls through most crises without a hitch. Very insightful about human relationships. Loyal and brave, standing up for what he believes in even at his own personal expense.

Hangups: Being perceived as different. Compared to all his friends, strives to 'pass within the heterosexual paradigm' and initially criticizes others who don't accept his choice in how to identify. Worries about making people uncomfortable. Being Judged.

Possible motive:Maybe Max surpressed his feelings of anger toward Jenny judging how he lives his life. Cause:
Possible motive: Had to face his motherhood
Cause:Overdose of testerone made her dizzy and she fell in the pool.
Possible motive:Jenny has been pissing Max off more often, about his pregnancy and him becoming a mom. I don't think Max did it though.
Cause: Besides, Jenny pissing him off more often, since he was transgendering he was taking testesterone, messing with his mood. Now, he is pregnant, and pregnancy mood swings could be enough to set him off to accidently kill Jenny.
Possible motive:
Possible motive:
Possible motive:
Possible motive:

Who killed Jenny Schecter?

Jenny SchecterJenny Schecter

How/where they met:
Jenny was ill and returned to her hometown Skokie, Illinois, for medical treatment. During her visit, she met Moira Sweeney. Moira agrees to come back to LA with Jenny. Their relationship is not clear, wether she is a friend, a lover or a "f*ck buddy on the road" as Jenny tells her.

About the relationship:
more to be added soon
Alan CummingBillie Blaikie

How/where they met:
Billie was the best party promoter in town. He was recently hired, by Kit, to be the manager at The Planet. Jenny was working there and Moira was going to meet her there. Billie couldn’t take his eyes off of Moira, drooling and asking Kit, “Who is that?”

About the relationship:
It was more like relations. Billie was totally into Moira from the beginning; constantly flirting and complimenting Moira. That same day they met, Billie invited Moira to a little party he was having at his house with “people like us.”

Jenny and Moira arrive at Billie’s house and he addresses to Moira, “welcome home.” He introduces the two to his friends at the party asking if Moira went by any other name. Jenny quickly answered, “She sometimes goes by Max.”

Moira feels uncomfortable around Jenny’s friends. Billie is welcoming and seems to know what she wants….inviting her into his world and offering her security and assurance. She is flattered by Billie’s compliments that she is the cutest boy and offers help with the process of becoming Max. Max is intrigued and is lured into Billie’s office to discuss testosterone pills. Jenny walks in and shockingly finds Billie giving Max a blow job (strap-on). Max’s response was, “he made me feel like a real guy.” Jenny accepted that response telling Max not the hide.

Jenny went to New York, Kit & the others were visiting Dana after her treatments, and Billie & Max were alone at The Planet. Billie noticed that Max was getting bigger muscles and advised that the hormones might be kicking in. Max thought Billie was a really cool guy and thanked him for all that he's done. They started making out and before they knew it, they were having sex at The Planet. Later on, Kit ended up finding Billie drugged up half asleep at the workplace and fired him. Max didn't have anymore relations with Billie after that.
Chelsea HobbsBrooke Holmes

How/where they met:
Donald Holmes, Max's boss, was speaking to him at work. He asked how Jenny was (recently meeting her at a dinner). Max said that she was fine but that they broke up. Donald mentioned that his daughter was coming home from college and thought the two of them would hit it off; leaving the phone number with no obligations to call her. Max showed up, with flowers, at Mr. Holmes house for a blind date with his daughter Brooke.

About the relationship:
Max isn’t OUT at work. He is still in transition of becoming a full man and is hesitant to tell Brooke about his true gender. Brooke is a straight woman and thinks she is dating a straight man. There was an automatic attraction between the two of them. Max, growing up as a girl, was able to relate to Brooke’s feelings, making her feel comfortable. Brooke said she had never met a guy like Max. Their fist date went well and ended with a kiss. The day after, Max starts to freak out because Brooke is THE BOSS’S DAUGHTER.

Brooke invites Max to a barbeque / swimming party at her house. Still hiding his true sexual gender, Max makes up a story why he can’t get in the water. Max tells her that he’s crazy about her. Max was a gentleman in Brooke’s eyes; she was impressed that Max wanted to get to know her better before having sex. Max felt so comfortable with Brooke and ended up telling her the whole truth……and the truth hurts.

One day at dinner they both admit they really like each other. Max wants there to be no more secrets between them and trusts Brooke enough to tell her the truth. Max starts out saying that she’s always felt like a man her whole life and now knew how it felt and was going to physically become a man. Puzzled by this, Brooke asks for an explanation. Max gave her the run down about the transition, treatments, living as a man – soon going to be one, and how he was born a girl. Brooke, shocked & confused, gets up and calls Max a freak; nervously yelling, “I don’t date freaks!” before leaving Max alone and broken hearted at the restaurant.

The following business day, Donald steps into Max’s office and says that Brooke told him that they broke up. He apologized to Max saying that she goes through a lot of guys. Max was relieved that she didn’t OUT him and deleted the email message he was about to send to him regarding his resignation. Maybe Brooke was embarrassed and didn’t want to mention anything other than they broke up.
Grace (Simone Bailley)Grace

How/where they met:
Working together setting up Alice's blog for The Chart online.

About the relationship:
Grace is supportive of Max's transition and affirming in his identity as a transman. She helps him become more comfortable with that indentity and is the first queer woman who can connect to his identity and body. They have a good friendship with flirting. When Max's mother dies, Grace offers to go home with Max to the funeral. Max's family doesn't know about his transition from Moira, and they basically run them both off. When they return to L.A. and begin working together again, Grace and Max end up making out passionately and sleeping together (we don't see the actual sex, just a BJ.) He continues to date Grace openly and long distance in the 5th season.

tom, adele & jodi
Tom Mater

How/where they met: Tom is Jodi's interpreter so they meet through her. They're first encounter is in the men's bathroom at the Planet during early fifth season. Later, in the tenth episode of the fifth season, Tom asks Max out.

About the relationship:
So far in season five, they've had sex on their first date and went to the pink ride together.

Moira Sweeney was born in Wilmette, Illinoise (just outside of Chicago). She met Jenny Schecter in Skokie, Illinoise, during her slight return home for medical treatment. Jenny was ready to go back to Los Angeles and suggested Moira join her. Moira was ready for a change, and the two drove across the country, in Moira's pick up truck, to Los Angeles.


  • Has sex with BILLIE BLAIKIE, using a strap-on, at The Planet.
  • Has sex with Jenny many times, including in the car on their way to L.A.
  • Has sex with Grace in the office of OurChart and we know they are dating for a while.
  • Has sex with Tom

  • Realizing that he wanted to transition from female to male.

  • Deepening relationship with Jenny. Cheats on Jenny with Billie Blaikie multiple times. Verbally abuses Jenny while taking large doses of testosterone. Is turned down for a position at Intechmode, then given a better position as Senior Project Manager. Eventually loses Jenny as he becomes more a man every day, and Jenny wants to be with a woman.
  • Goes on a couple of dates with The Boss's Daughter (Brooke), without her knowing the truth about Max. After Max is comfortable, he tells Brooke about his situation and she dumps him but is too embarrassed that she doesn't out Max to her Father.

  • Max "outs" himself at work when a issue of sexual discrimination comes up (co-worker Megan is turned down a job that's given to a guy). Max mentions his previous sexual discrimination from Mitch, as Moira.



  • If you think men are the enemy, then you and I have a problem.


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