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Played By: Rachel Shelley

Occupation: Director of her family's foundation. Professional rober

Family: Mother: Peggy; has two adopted children with her ex-girlfriend, Winnie Mann.

Personality Type: A

L Word(s) That Best Describes Helena: Lavish, Lusty, Lickable, Lovely, Luxurious, Luring, Likable.

Signature Look: Hot, sexy and gourgeus!!

Endearing Trait(s): Generous to her friends, compassionate (maybe too much). Good mother

Annoying Trait(s): Being so dependent on her Mother. Spoiled Rich Bitch attitude has certainly been ironed out.

Strengths: Passion, beauty, basketball, poker, culture, persuassion

Hangups: Being broke and not knowing how the rest of the world lives.

Possible motive: Jenny calling her and Rusty out.
Cause: Helena is back with Rusty from who knows where, and Jenny as always tried to hurt Helena telling her she will call her out. They start to fight, and as everything in Helena´s life she takes Jenny´s by mistake.
Possible motive: Helena was protecting Shane and Tina. Jenny was out to destroy them in a tell-all book she was writing. The book would trash Shane (who was beginning to show signs of a nervous breakdown anyway due to guilt and amazingly low self-esteem) for her betrayal of their friendship. The book was trashing Tina as a director, which could destroy Tina's career.
Cause: Helena has a solution of the venom that her mother died of--she had some weird idea about using it for something else--but when Jenny mistakenly thinks it's an exotic intoxicating beverage, Helena does not try to stop her from drinking it. She sees it as an out for her good friends.
Possible motive: Jenny was in the middle of Helena's relationship with Dylan. Actually, it's ended cause of what Jenny did.
Cause: Helena has enough money to buy her way out, and a lot of people would benefit from Jenny being gone for good, including Helena.
Possible motive:
Possible motive:
Possible motive:
Possible motive:

Who killed Jenny Schecter?

Tina KennardTinaHow/where they meet: They met when Helena's foundation funded a grant for Tina's not-for-profit.
About the relationship: Was Helena into Tina, or into stealing Tina from Bette? Hard to say, but they did have all sorts of fun on rooftops and hotel pools. Maybe she was into Tina's pregnancy.
PapiPapiHow/where they meet: They meet outside Alice's apartment.
About the relationship: One-time fling in the back of Papi's limo (and outdoors?).
Dylan MorelandDylan Moreland
How/where they meet: Helena and Tina were at her documentary screening.
About the relationship: Helena fell head over heels for this woman, but Dylan has a boyfriend, but Helena didn't care. They start working more together, and Helena wants Dylan for herself, but Dylan tells her that she's straight and doesn't want anything to do with Helena. They proceed to get hot and heavy, but Helena wants to stop it, but Dylan doesn't want to. The two women end up at Helena's house one night having sex. Another night they ended up having sex once again on videotape at Dylan's which leads to Dylan and her boyfriend slapping Helena with a sexual harassment suit. Helena was hurt and didn't know what to do. She has a legal meditation with Dylan and Danny and her mother Peggy showed up and busted Dylan and Danny at the scheme they pulled. Before Helena signed the settlement of 3 million dollars, she told Dylan if she doesn't love her and didn't want to see her again, she'll sign the settlement. Dylan told her that she didn't want to see her again, but not that she didn't love her. Helena signed the settlement.
Catherine RothbergCatherine Rothberg
How/where they meet: They meet at a movie premiere party. Helena loses a lot of money to Catherine in a high-stakes poker game.
About the relationship:Their relationship is more of a three-way with Money being the third partner. Helena ends up stealing over $1mm from Catherine's safe in the season 4 cliffhanger.
Helena Peabody - The L Word WikiDusty
How/where they meet: She was Helena's cellmate in jail
About the relationship: At first Helena was afraid of her and thought she was a killer. Dusty protects her against other women in the jail (especially in the shower when one tries to cut her after she drops the soap). Helena and Dusty bond over Dorothy Dandridge, Helena consoles her during a nightmare, they have sex. They're together and just as Helena becomes more comfortable Peggy Peabody comes to bail her out. Against her wishes Peggy intends to take her to Europe but Helena has other plans to bail Dusty out and take off with her.


  • Leigh Ostin
  • Isabella
  • Winnie Mann

Add character and plot developments for Helena.

  • Helena is not one of the caracters of the season one. Too bad for us
  • S
  • Helena

  • The phone call and sex with Tina in the hotel pool.
  • The
  • Mee

  • Helping Alice to get trough after the Dana break up: the joga session and Dana standee
  • The coast to coast basketball game
  • That amazing scene with Dylan in the bathroom
  • Paying for Shane and Carmen's weeding
  • Bi-sexual speed dating with Alice
  • Helop

  • Catering Phyllis' dinner party
  • Basketball backwards throw
  • "Playing" a luxury whore
  • The kiss with Caterine at the casino
  • Getting the money from Caterine's safe box

  • Let's Mom bail her out of jail, then sneaks away to free Dusty and leave the country.

  • Returning to W. Hollywood to check on her Mummy and friends.

  • Buying the Planet from Dembo the Dumbo!

  • she csme back and kick dan dembo's ass but not her lover cindy. and prove that she is one of our good true friend. you go girl....



  • "I had no idea it could feel this warm and fuzzy being poor."
  • Never apologize, never explain."
  • "What begins in chaos, ends in chaos."
  • "Tina, meet my ex"
  • no thank you I dont think I can afford it
  • "I don't want to be the lie you tell to someone"
  • "...I don't want it halfway, and I don't want it at someone else's expense""nobody makeme this wet"


  • With Dylan at the beach house.

  • With Tina in the sun deck at the Chateau Marmont.

  • In the pool with a very pregnant Tina

  • In jail cell with Dusty
  • Max's top surgery benefit party with Alice and Uta

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chrystalkay my spin off 12 Apr 7 2009, 5:33 PM EDT by katie295
Thread started: Feb 19 2009, 7:17 PM EST  Watch
i am really hoping you become are happy ending. I know the problems you a dylan had were very serious but i think she really loves you and that she will spend the rest of he life proving it. At least that what i would like the ending of the show to imply
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julsey20 Helena and Dylan 2 Dec 3 2008, 12:16 PM EST by katie295
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Surely in the last serious these 2 cross paths and rekindle the passion.......Dylan was so so hot xx
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dixiechick So glad Helena is back! 5 Aug 2 2008, 7:46 AM EDT by Carmen_De_La_Pica
Thread started: Mar 24 2008, 1:40 PM EDT  Watch
I hope Ilene gives her a good story line in season 6. We missed her this season but I am glad she is back with a spine again. She didn't make a very good working person but she was very funny, AND GORGEOUS!!!
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