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Played By: Erin Daniels

Occupation: Professional tennis player.

Family: Brother: Howie, Father: Irwin, Mother: Sharon

Personality Type: Ditzy but adorable.

L Word(s) That Best Describes Dana: Lifeless *teardrop*, Lesbian, Lovable, Laugh-inducing.

Signature Look: Sweat suits and a ponytail.

Endearing Trait(s): a bit naive and inexperienced.

Annoying Trait(s): Used to have a phobia of coming out of the closet.

Strengths: Absolutely stunning and adorable.


Possible motive: Revenge
Cause: Jenny wrote her out of the script (i.e.: Jenny = Irene Chaiken & the entire series has been one big novel written by Jenny Schecter...)
Possible motive: Accident
Cause: Massively over-hit her serve in the big tennis court in the sky, it came crashing through the clouds and hit Jenny's ego, causing her to die instantly.
Possible motive:
Possible motive:
Possible motive:
Possible motive:
Possible motive:
Who killed Jenny Schecter?

Lara PerkinsLara Perkins
How/where they meet: Lara was the sous chef http://lwordwiki.sho.com/accountnew(or as Dana calls her, the "soup chef") at Dana's tennis club.
About the relationship: Dated briefly but split because Dana was still in the closet and that hurt Lara's feelings. Began dating again a few years later, but split again when Dana was dealing with chemotherapy and began shutting Lara out of her life.
AliceAlice Pieszecki
How/where they meet: Alice interviewed budding tennis star Dana for a magazine article.
About the relationship: They were best of friends for years before "finally" sealing the deal when creating goody bags for Dana's and Tonya's bachelorette party. That's when Dana almost married Tonya (below). Dana then split up with Tonya and realized both were cheating on the other. Alice and Dana were then happy together, madly in love, had loads of hot, fantasy-filled sex until Alice got all smothery and paranoid (that was after Lara re-appeared). Alice's heart was broken after she suggested that Dana move in with her and she said she wouldn't want to, in the end Dana split up with Alice. Ultimately, Alice was by Dana throughout her entire period as a cancer patient. Before Dana died of cancer, they both realized how much they loved each other, as friends and soulmates.
Add imageRalph (First love from Tennis Camp)
How/where they meet: Dana won't reveal the name of a teenage hookup she had at tennis camp with a now-famous tennis player.
About the relationship:Hooked up at camp and the Unnamed Tennis player wrote home to a friend about how in love they were and that friend told her parents and they took her out of camp away from Dana.
How/where they meet: They met as Dana was entering the hotel where she was staying during the Dinah Shore Golf Classic for Women in Palm Springs. Tonya was assigned to be Dana's hospitality assistant -- an overly attentive sidekick -- making sure Dana was at various Classic events, keeping fans at a distance, and doing other "gopher" errands.
About the relationship: After Palm Springs, Tonya tagged along with Dana and friends back to West Hollywood. Tonya moved in with Dana, but didn't like Dana's cat: Mr. Piddles. After the "mysterious" death of Mr. Piddles, Dana proposed to Tonya. Early on, Tonya appointed herself Dana's manager, arranging sponsorships and planning social events without Dana's input. Dana also learned that the increasingly power-hungry Tonya had been taking 15% of Dana's sponsorship income as a "manager's fee." As Dana tired of Tonya's domineering behavior and realized she was little more than a gold-digging opportunist, Dana and Alice began flirting (and more). She finally recognized that Alice was her real true love and called the wedding off. But Tonya had a surprise of her own when she told Dana that she was in love with Melissa Rivers and was leaving her for Melissa.
Dana Fairbanks - The L WordJenny Schecter
How/where they meet:
In the Season 1 pilot, Dana is sitting insideThe Planet with Alice, Tina, Shane, and other friends when she notices new-to-LA Jenny walking by outside. Her admiring comments raised smiles and laughs among her friends, who quickly concluded Dana was "definitely gay." However, Dana doesn't meet Jenny until Episode 11 of Season 1, at the oldest lesbian bar in LA. It's a 50's era, butch/femme dive called The Palms.
About the relationship: Jenny has gone to The Palms alone. Upon entering, she sees Dana sitting at a table alone. She recognizes her, introduces herself, and asks if she could join her. Dana is glad to have the company, mentioning that she was supposed to meet Alice there, but Alice couldn't make it. Both say it was their first time in a lesbian bar and, feeling uncomfortable with stuck-in-the-50's atmosphere and stereotypical patrons, Jenny asked Dana if she'd like to get out of there. They go back to Jenny's studio and try to have sex, but it doesn't work -- the chemistry's not there. They agree that it would be best to just remain friends.

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Add character and plot developments for Dana.

Dana Fairbanks was raised in a very conservative home and because she was so afraid to com out as a lesbian and refuse to accept her true sexuality, she became rigid, fearful, and a neurotic person. Deep inside, Dana always knew her sexual orientation ever since she was a teenager where she had fallen in love with another girl at the tennis camp where she attended. Apparently this unnamed girl turned out to be famous and we truly never know her real name, but Dana lovingly calls her “Ralph”. Dana continued to fake heterosexuality with a made up relationship with her doubles partner Harrison who was very gay himself. She would also avoid being seen by those “geeky straight people” whenever in public with her fellow lesbian friends.
      • Looking Jenny outside the Planet. ["Hello"]
      • Drunken dance on the boat
      • Subaru ad "Get out and stay out"
      • Getting hit with Marcus Alanwood's sperm.
        Finding out if Lara was playing on their team

      • "Hooking up" with Jenny at her studio
      • Discussed and enforced the 'rules' of unattraction with Alice.
      • Mindblowing first sex scene with Alice while preparing the wedding gifts for her own wedding.
      • Goes on the Olivia Cruise and constantly has role play sex with Alice.

      • Discovers she has breast cancer.
      • Walking through a peaceful place in her mind after Bette helps her to relax.
      • Splits up with Lara whilst ill.
      • Dies in hospital as her blood pressure drops with Alice breaking down in the corridor.
      • Dana's funeral takes place where she is represented as a straight young woman, which infuriates Alice and the rest of the gang.
      • Her ashes are stolen by Alice and has a proper ceremony at her tennis camp with everyone saying their goodbyes.
      • Dana comes back as a spirit to encourage Alice to go to Tasha's going away party.



      • crispay!

      • and what are you - the intellectual of life?

      • Slander against cats. Write that down.

      • "That's a good thing?!" (In refrence to the female ejaculation)


      • hookup scene with Alice in season 2 - fun and hot!

      • drunken Dana dance on the boat in season 1 - lmao!

      • scene at the Tegan & Sara concert, as a flashback, when she took drugs at the end of season 3

      • Dana's spirit returning to get Alice ready for Tasha's party

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