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Bette Porter - The L Word Wiki
Played By: Jennifer Beals

Occupation: Art curator; Dean of the CU School of the Arts

Family: Father: Melvin; Mother: Maxine; Half-sister: Kit; Daughter: Angelica; Love of her life: Tina

Personality Type: Dominant Type A

L Word(s) That Best Describes Bette: Luscious, Loving, Lovable, Lady-like, Lickable, luminous,lover, literate, lusty, loyal

Signature Look: Top Brand Power Suits, Great accessories very sophisticated and classy

Endearing Trait(s): Unswerving convictions, passion for art, love of family, love for Tina and her daughter, strong principles.

Annoying Trait(s): Controlling, ADD, self-absorbed, can be destructive, She thinks it is The Bette Porter Show.

Strengths: Loyalty to her friends, highly educated, amazingly beautiful, knows what she wants and goes for it, outspoken, sticks to her convictions.

Hangups: Has a hard time understanding that the world does not revolve around her and gets impatient when things don't go her way or as she planned. This is the main reason Bette and Tina have been unsuccessful in getting back together. Loyalty.


Bette Porter

Bette Porter - The L Word

Bette Porter - The L Word

Bette Porter - The L Word

Bette Porter - The L Word



bette is hot,is jen beale gay in real life?
Possible motive: Never liked Jenny, especially the way she treated Tina.
Possible motive: Jenny saw, or at least thought she saw Bette cheat on Tina. Bette knew that, even if it were not true, just the word of her possibly having cheated would ruin her family.
Cause:Had to get rid of Jenny to make sure she never said a mumblin word.
Possible motive: Bette had no job so they had to depend on Tina's income. Jenny was messing with the release of the movie, which isTina's bread and butter.
Cause: Bette confronted Jenny at the pool, there was an argument and Jenny ended up dead.
Possible motive:Bette and Jenny had differences with Jenny's portrayal of Bette in her book that made movie Lez Girls. Bette's partner tina has had work differences with Jenny also. The biggest motive is the Jenny holding the supposed cheat between Bette and Kelly(?). The last time we saw Jenny was when Bette told her she would do anything to protect her family, and even though Bette didn't cheat it would mess things up with her family dearly.
Cause:With Jenny out of the picture, the move to NY might not have to take place, especially since the Lez Girl negatives were found. Not to mention, her family won't be split apart no matter where they are. Of course, it could be an accident also. A majority of the cast had it in for Jenny, so I wouldn't be surprised if they all had something to do with it.
Possible motive:
Possible motive:
Possible motive:

Tina KennardTina Kennard
How/where they met: They met at Bette's art gallery (The Bette Porter Gallery), where Tina and her boyfriend were attending a gallery show.
About the relationship: They were together for 8 years and as they were planning to have a child Tina had a miscarriage and that messed up their relationship. Bette then had an affair with Candace (the carpenter) and that broke up their relationship. But they briefly reconciled just before the birth of their biracial daughter, Angelica. After Angelica was born, Tina started having feelings for men and left Bette for a man named Henry. Tina then started having feelings for Bette again and they had an affair while Bette was in a relationship with Jodie. Bette and Tina are currently trying to mend their relationship and possibly trying to have another child.

How/where they met:
About the relationship: Bette and Alice dated for 6 weeks until Bette cheated on Alice. They are now best friends. Alice describes Bette as a 'Big Cheater'.
CandaceCandace Jewell
How/where they met: They met through a mutual acquaintance at a club where Bette's sister Kit was performing. Shortly there after, Bette hired Candace, who is a construction contractor, to build displays for a huge exhibit at the California Arts Center..
About the relationship:Bette cheats on Tina with Candace. The affair lasts about a month until Tina finds out and Bette ends it with Candace. Bette was only with Candace because she was grieving about the loss of her and Tina's baby.
How/where they met: Nadia was Bette's teaching assistant in the Arts Dept. at CU, who had the hots for her professor.
About the relationship:More of an ill-advised one-night stand than a relationship. Bette curtails it.
Jodie LernerJodi
How/where they met: Jodi is a sculptor Bette hired to teach at CU School of the Arts.
About the relationship: After having difficulty defining their relationship and few bouts of miscommunication, Bette follows Jodi to New York after they briefly breakup and asks her to come back to LA to be with her. Jodi agrees. They brake up in season five when Jodi finds out that Bette is cheating on her with Tina.
Add imageColeman Alt
How/where they met: College
About the relationship: He was Bette's College boyfriend who turned out to be gay.

Add image
How/where they met: StarLight Bar, NYC
About the relationship: She was a one night stand for Bettewhile she was still hurting, after she realized the mistake she did cheating on Tina.

Coleman Alt
How/where they met: College
About the relationship: He was Bette's College boyfriend who turned out to be gay.
Add character and plot developments for Bette.
Bette dated men until she realized that she was gay in college. Her coming out affair involved an Art Grad student at her university when she was an undergrad. Bette has been a lesbian ever since. With numerous relationships and sexual partners (and a couple of one night stands) under her belt, Bette's relationship with Tina has by far been the most significant in her life... resulting in an 8 year marriage and a daughter.
  • Secured "Provocations" for the CACM
  • Debated Faye Buckley.
  • Had a miscarriage with Tina. (Tina had the miscarriage)
  • Cheated on Tina
  • Went to jail...
  • Tried to get Tina back
  • Tina got a lawyer
  • Became friends with Tina for the baby's sake
  • Slept with Tina
  • Melvin (Bette's father) dies
  • Lost her job at her father's memorial service
  • Baby Angelica was born
  • Founds out that Tina has cyber sex with a man (daddyof2).
  • Tina' has an affair with a man (Henry).
  • Bette and Tina's relationship ends after Bette finds out about Tina and Henry's relationship.
  • Bette studies Buddhism and meditation
  • Tina try's to take Angelica from Bette
  • Bette kidnap's baby Angelica and drives off to an unknown place
  • Bette and Tina row over whom will have Angelica's custody. This problem is dropped later.
  • Bette gets a job as the Dean of California University School of the Arts
  • Bette gets nasty with Nadia, her TA
  • Meets Jodi Lerner
  • Starts a relationship with Jodi Lerner
  • Tina starts to have feelings for Bette again
      • Bette and Tina make out at SheBar
      • Bette tells Bev off at Jenny's party
      • Cheats on Jodi with Tina
      • Tells Tina she loves her and they talk about the past
      • Bette breaks up with Jodi
      • Bette and Tina get back together
      • Season 1, pilot episode when Bette is holding Sean Heaney's sperm and says, "God it's repugnant, I can't believe I used to swallow that stuff"
      • Season 5, episode 6 Bette says "It doesn't really compare" on if she loves Jodie compared to Tina
      • Season 5, episode 6 Bette says "I missed you" to Tina
      • Season 5, episode 9 ( when Bette & Tina are in stuck an elevator) Bette say's "It feel's like I'm coming home" on how she feels about their romance. "I love you, I have no doubt about that" when Tina tells her she's not so pure.


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      Bette Porter - The L Word Wiki

      Bette Porter - The L Word Bette Porter - The L Word
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      Bette Porter - The L Word

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      Bette and Tina season 1

      Bette and Tina season 1

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      Jennifer, I don't know if you welcome it or not but I find great pleasure in considering you a Sistah ;)
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